Choosing, Cleansing, and Charging Crystals

I’ve published plenty of articles about rocks, stones and deposits for this page that explain those are most useful for prosperity, enjoy and protection. If you look in the archives here, you may find a lot of details about rocks, deposits and semi-precious stones and their wonderful purposes.

First of all, whenever you go to a new age or treasure keep, you will usually find holders or drawers filled up with various kinds of gems. Tumbled stones are often the lowest priced and function thick spherical surfaces. Points are gems that have been reduce in order that they resemble a geometric shape or even a small tower.

The main thing is to get the stone and see when it thinks correct in your hand. One stone might sense somehow “greater” than another. The procedure of sensation energy from a thing by keeping it is called “psychometry.”

If you discover your self attracted to a certain shade of stone, give consideration as well, as it may reflect a shade that is lacking in your aura. For example, an attraction to red or pink stone might symbolize a wish for more enjoy and safety in your lifetime while an attraction to a purple stone might suggest you’re willing to advance on the religious path.

Once you have your stones, it is essential to cleanse them of any energy they might have picked up in the past. Deposits are little storehouses that will acquire different kinds of energy and they could have been touched, handled or meditated upon before you purchased them. Quartz deposits, in particular, can only get vibes from an environment.

There are four main methods of removing crystals.

The Solar Process:

Perhaps the easiest and fastest approach for removing stones, especially deposits, is simply to position them external in primary sun for just one complete day.

The Sea Salt Process:

Hide the gem in a bottle or dish filled up with ocean salt and let it stay overnight. Do not use the salt for cooking or consuming or washing in after this though. Some prefer to bathe the gem in seawater. If you live near an water that’s great, but you may make your own personal’ocean water’by simply adding several spoonfuls of ocean salt to a container of water. The very best box for often process is glass or ceramic. Don’t leave your stones or deposits inside more that twenty four hours as too much salt can create a gem to begin growing a leg or developing a seam. After twenty four hours rinse the deposits with water, ultimately spring or distilled water.


Smudging a gem requires driving the gem through smoke. Often the origin of the smoking is really a burning deal of cedar or sage (this can also be ordered in new age or wellness stores.) You can also obvious deposits utilising the smoking from peppermint, sage, frankincense, myrrh or Tibetan forehead incense. That ritual finds their beginnings in both Indigenous American and pagan traditions.


Support the gem in your principal hand, or if you purchased a huge one, in both of your hands. Emphasis your thoughts on the gem and imbue it with the purpose of releasing it of most negative influences and energy. As you hold this purpose in your thoughts, breathe vigorously throughout your nose and exhale vigorously on the stone. The theory is that the air cleanses the rock and helps it be your own. This is an Western along with Nordic convention for removing objects. It will only work should you choose sense truly attached to the divine while doing it. If you easily add emotions, resentments, or have been in a negative mood, save this technique for still another day.

Once you have cleaned your gem, you’ll need to “demand it” along with your intention. There are methods of accomplishing this and you might want to use your imagination. For a few charging a gem is really a easy as keeping it in your hand, meditating and putting your purpose into it.

The others demand their gem with a stream (for cleansing), at large wave at ocean (for strength and health), at low wave (for slowing, relaxation), during the New Moon (for new beginnings) or throughout the entire moon (for abundance)/

Single deposits or stones are often charged by putting them on a group of deposits that have recently been charged or on an altar that has been specialized in the Heavenly in certain way.

The adjusting of deposits is really a personal subject and it is vital to make use of your creativity when it comes to learn how and where is the proper time to accomplish it. After you’re performed charging the gem, hold it near to you, and shortly you will begin to discover subtle changes within yourself.