Selling Your Home? A Warning About Attachments

When you list you home for sale, determine what you don’t desire to leave behind.

Our friends sold their home for full price and moved out a few days before closing.

The following day they received a furious call from the selling agent telling them that they’d to bring a mirror back prior to the sale would close. When the home buyers did their final walk through, they refused to produce their down payment because a large mirror have been taken down.

This mirror, an antique family heirloom, was never considered by the sellers included in the sale. Owner refused to offer her grandmother’s mirror back.

However, their sales contract, a typical Home Purchase Contract with Terms and Conditions, included all attachments. The mirror was considered by the buyers and their agent included in the sale. The mirror didn’t hang like a painting on a nail. The heavy mirror have been screwed in to the wall with the screw heads covered with fancy wooden circles cut to complement the wood frame.

The buyers refused to budge. Our friends refused to budge protesting that their listing agent knew the mirror had belonged to the seller’s grandmother. (Their agent was a household member.) The sellers pointed out that their agent must have told them that the mirror was considered “attached.” After three days of quibbling and negotiations, the listing agent decided to forfeit $3,000 of her commission and the sellers dropped the cost by $2,000.

Decide what would go to your following home and what you accept leave behind, when you offer your property for sale. Take down any attachments that you never desire to spend, such as almost everything screwed right into a wall or even a light fixture permanently wired. Just what a home buyer doesn’t see, they won’t expect to purchase together with your home.